Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G : Not a great phone

I am  a sucker for stuff which is not easily available in the market. I guess Xiaomi / Flipkart ganged up together to take advantage of this stupid Indian mentality. They create artificial scarcity of product by asking you to register for this product first  and then wait for the given time and date to add this product in your cart.

xiomiSo guys, like a fool 2 minutes before the sale started I started staring at the screen and watching the counter as if my life depends upon it. So as the moment came I immediately clicked on the ‘BUY’ button and I was exhilarated to see that I was able to pick up this phone on Flipkart.

I then like a stupid fool started gloating over this as if I have achieved something, as if I have won a gold medal or something.

All this is OK, fine till I started using the product. There are glaring defects in this product.

1. It heats up very fast once you start browsing the internet, use the apps like whatsapp or play games like Temple Run.

2. The MI browser keeps crashing and displays the POPUP every now and then. “We are sorry that MI Browser is not working. Click the send report button to submit the Bug report or click on close button”.

3. It hangs when you are clicking photos and there is an incoming call at the same time.

So my euphoria over the possession of a phone which was difficult to get in the first place turned in to disappointment. This journey from feeling like a winner to ending up like a looser just took 2-3 days.

For all the prospective buyers please beware that please don’t get in to this cheap thrills business.

I reported this to Flipkart with the request to please

1. Fix this phone


2. Exchange this product for a new phone if sure that the new product will not have such defects


3. Give me a refund.

I got a call from the Flipkart executive that they are willing to replace defective phone with a new phone provided I have the original packing. And my god damn luck, I don’t have the original card board packing.

If anyone with little bit of common sense  is hearing out there, I don’t need a new phone. I just need a phone without any defects.

I challenge any one from Xiomi / Flipkart to deny that these defects are figment of my imagination and Xiomi Note -4G is a good product.

Also I think we Indians have to learn that all this propaganda of asking you to register and keep you with awaited breath for the sales to begin is a false propaganda. Xiomi Red Note – 4G is just an ordinary product and not something to gloat over. I wish that Xiomi / Flipkart start treating Indian customers with little bit of respect  and provide quality phones in the Indian market.

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