E-commerce : Challenges of Selling Online

webstoreE-commerce is the buzz word. Every traditional business wants to sell online. The online sales volume during the past year has picked up by 300%.

In spite of several open source eCommerce platforms available, the site of a well-built webstore is still a rarity. If you are thinking of the future you would need to build your webstore from scratch. A well-built webstore can make a 40% difference in sales.

For small company it is not easy to get access to a committed, experienced and consistent web developer. Investing in qualified, reliable tech talent probably costs more than you think it should, but it can be the difference between success and failure. You may think differently and in the end create a hole in the wall by banging your head against it and then follow it up by spending time and money to repair it.

Just the other day, I came across a registration page of a webstore and it says
“We are excited to present a new website with different options and functionality.  For this reason we are kindly asking that all customers re-register for a new account starting October, 2013.”

What does it mean? It could very well mean that the company has lost its members / users details. They have lost the data that is the bloodline of any online company.

There are freelance developers in the market who have done pretty solid work and have been instrumental in build success stories in online business. One such person with 7 years of experience in building custom-built rock solid web stores is Prashant Mendiratta, more details at www.mendirattaprashant.com. CV @ http://mendirattaprashant.com/cv/




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