100 things to do before I die.. List is shortened by 2..

People travel all around the world in search for new experiences, to explore new horizons and to enrich themselves with life time memories.

You can experience the similar kind of thrill in the company of people who you choose to be friends with.

2 such experiences I have recounted that definitely feature on top of my 100 things that I wanted to do and did them before I died are

  •  Drinks with Babli
  •  Breakfast with SS

tequila-because-beer-isn-t-fast-enoughIt all starts with the simple looking stuff like playing badminton. Usually we play in the evenings and as our booked time on the courts ends, we are still left with lot of surplus energy and joie de vivre. So we take off for a couple of beers and one evening we mixed beer with Tequila shots. Not exactly mixing in the literary sense. It was more of chasing Tequila shots with gulps of chilled beer. It took a while to hit us but when it did eventually, it was pure bliss. We were floating at least 2 feet above the ground.

Sometimes when we are good boys, we do indeed play early mornings. As we get charged up and hungry, having breakfast seems to be a heavenly option. Sadly we discovered there ain’t too many breakfast options in the city apart from 5 star coffee shops and Sagar Ratnas. But it seems great having breakfast with friends after playing. It is so much different from bingeing on alcohol. It is like having food for the soul while alcohol seems to be the poison from hell.

Well if you ask me both these experiences are gratifying and in order ro restore the balance of life one has to get pas the hell in order to experience the bliss.

There are people like SS with all the good virtues and then there are people like Babli who have done all possible sins in this world. and then there are people like me who keep oscillating between these two not able to fully make up their minds as to which path to take in order to find the true meaning of life.

But till then let me enjoy the best of both worlds.

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