I got in a fight with my brother and hit him. I regret it

GitaSounds like your own story and seems like an incident that happens in every household across the world. But in my case it is been a little different as we were not teenagers when we fought and things have gone too far as ever since my little brother hasn’t really spoken to me ever since.

I always used to justify myself when Kauravas and Pandavs could fight and in the process Kauravas got annihilated; when Ambani brothers can fight; it is quite normal for two strong headed brothers to fight.

Well, not any more.

Fighting is natural amongst siblings; what is not natural is not making up after a fight and letting your ego linger on for too long to reach a point of no return.

Actually I think in our case it went too far as there was no understanding that fighting is not an acceptable way to resolve conflicts, and there are alternative ways of handling such conflicts.

Another cause that I could think of was being too judgemental about things that happen in our lives and trying to control the people around me.

Also I blame the stress in our lives can behind this conflict.

They say life is a circle and what goes around comes around and everyone will account for his own Karmas. Now that I look back, for the good deeds that I have done, I would definitely accumulated some good Karmas and hopefully they will stand is good stead in putting an early end to this conflict.

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