Feeling Low. Remedy is Eat, Pray & Love.

eat_pray_lovePeople is the late forties or early fifties who have kind of made sure of the life time kitchen expenses often get afflicted with a wide spread malady which is ‘Feeling Low’. Many people disguise it, many don’t know how to express in words what is happening to them. Generally people with a strong friends group are at better position as they have access to friendly ears.

Usually before going to a Doctor, people discuss this with someone they can trust. The usual symptoms are that they are somewhat bored with life and they have no longer the energy required to carry them through the day.

Well the answer is EAT, PREY and LOVE.

There are foods rich in omega 3 that help maintain a strong and healthy brain and fight depression. Foods like Walnuts and Fish.

It won’t be wrong if I say chocolates help spread happiness. They contain endorphins, which causes the brain to release happy feelings. They satisfy your sweet cravings but work well for your grey matter too! The cocoa in chocolates helps boost neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine and tryptophan in your brain. These neurotransmitters work as antidepressants and help to sharpen the mind.

Italian food for centuries is known to create a sense of well being in you. And stay off alcohol. A drink a day is beneficial for health is a major PR propaganda by alcohol companies.

Usually this would do the trick, people more adventurous could try alternate therapies like Pray and Love.

Apart from meditations and Yoga, one can look at the several Buddhist self help groups. Basic teaching of Buddha is Karma, the law of cause and effect, Nothing ever happens to us unless we deserves it. We receive exactly what we earn, whether it is good or bad. We are the way we are now due to the things we have done in the past. Our thoughts and actions determine the kind of life we can have. If we do good things, in the future good things will happen to us. If we do bad things, in the future bad things will happen to us. Every moment we create new karma by what we say, do, and think. If we understand this, we do not need to fear karma. It becomes our friend. It teaches us to create a bright future.

Finally LOVE your family. Love your parents, Love your siblings. Soon you will find someone who loves you back.

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