A letter to a teen daughter : Why programming is important?

Well, you are a teenager and you are supposed to have a short attention span. And being a girl it is natural that the complex calculations gives you an headache.

As you go along you will find that in real life there is little purpose of complicated calculations as you have programs written to do most of the complex things and you just need to pass the numbers.

programming-languageI think it is important to think creatively to stand out in this world. There will be little recognition if you do what millions of others are doing. So do something different. Also do something that you really like doing. As you start a career, you will see that only people who choose a career of their liking excel. There are so many careers in so many fields and unless you are exposed to them; you wouldn’t really know what you are going to be good at.

I think you would be good at something that allows you to show your creativity by doing something behind a desk like working on a computer to do programming or writing. And I think there is no need to have a specific goal as of now. You are still very much in the evolving stage and your likings and interests are going to change as you evolve further.

Yet it is important to complete the formal education. I think you should do your engineering first from a very good college. And to do this you need to prepare for competitive exams. 4 years of college will further define your career choices and prospects. I am sure while still in college you will be able to make out if you need to go for advanced studies in Management or pursue further in Science.

This entire world is based on the fundamentals of science and mathematics. We as human beings are yet to de-code many mysteries of this world and I think these are the scientists who are taking the human race forward.

Well whatever you do you must take a shot at programming in C language. And if you get addicted to it; I think it will make your choice simpler; that is you will become a programmer. Programming requires to think creatively and analytically.

In the 20th Century, meaningful education was all about learning your ABCs. Today, it’s centered on Alphas, Betas and C++.

Programming skills are becoming ever more important, quickly turning into the core competency for all kinds of 21st Century workers. That inescapable fact is leading individuals to seek out new ways of learning to code, startups and non-profits to find ways to help them and businesses to search for innovative approaches to finding the coders they so desperately need.

Teaching untechnical people technical skills - is gaining in popularity in a wide variety of ways. Learn-to-code programs bent on teaching anyone, even children, programming skills are on the upswing, at non-profits, at startups and at companies that need to hire programmers.

The number of coding jobs is only expected to increase over time. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 913,000 computer programmer jobs in 2010. That number is expected to jump 30% from 2010 to 2020. Meanwhile, the average growth of all other U.S. jobs is predicted to be just 14%.



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