Sudhir Kumar Sahdev – A Rare Gem

Whom do you call, a gem of a person?

sudhirWell some of the standard definitions are :

  • A gem of a person is someone who always remain within his skin…whether in thick or thin… Those who are sober, down to earth despite all fame , money running behind them..They choose right path and always remains on it…. They are straight forward and always upright without spilling controversies…They ride smoothly on the waves of success by keeping their heads cool.
  • A person who is above all and one who is a basic human being we always refer as ” gem of a person” also that person is above all religion, caste, creed and everything and one who is not having any EGO
  • Any person who shows intelligence, skill, versatile nature, humility, and a friendly nature, is a gem personality.. Such persons are rare to find.. After all what is a gem ? it has many cuts,, each cut gives is a new glow..and therefore it is a gem.. In humans also similar things can be applied..

And some of us would say that a person who has diamond rings in all the ten fingers is a gem of a person.

Well, if you go by the standard definition and your grand mother’s wisdom Sudhir Sahdev doesn’t exactly qualify to be a gem of a person. And yet he is and ofcourse he is very much.

He is the main guy who has kept our badminton group together all this while for past several months. He would send his guy to make the court bookings; co-ordinate with other players; text me specifically the time I can go to his house to get a free ride to and from to the Badminton stadium. At the stadium he will always be the first one to make way for others to play if the group exceeds 4 people. Never ever throwing a fuss or letting ego come in this way.

Apart from badminton on several occasions we have seem him helping other people out with their problems. You know what people say about counselling couples whose marriage is in trouble as more often than not it leads to problems in your own marital life. And yet Sudhir  would never shy away from doing this thank less job just because an old friend asked him to.

Ok, this guy enjoys pleasures of life. So who doesn’t want to? He hasn’t caused any harm to any one as far as I know.

Lately we haven’t been playing much as he is down with a twisted ankle. His ankle is the only things twisted and his other organs are functioning well :) . Well we all wish him luck and speedy recovery.

Sudhir, we are looking forward to many enjoyable badminton sessions with you.

An update on Sudhir : Some Good News. He is completely recovered from the hairline fracture and we are back to our enjoyable badminton and gossip sessions with him.

While he was recovering, we had the opportunity to visit his house and meet his family. Well, the welcome that we got was quite surprising and we were amazed with the hospitality showered on us by his wife Geetika Sahdev. We witnessed first hand how good she is in treating guests even if they show up totally uninvited and why not, after all Geetika is a first generation woman entrepreneur running single-handedly the biz called La Cuisine India. We had heard this term woman empowerment and never really understood its meaning till we met Geetika. We met 2 gems in a single day.

Thumbs Up Geetika Sahdev!

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