Don’t complain, don’t explain. Just move on with your life.

never-complainYou would have already come across a situation where you wanted to explain yourself badly. It didn’t work out the way you would have liked. Either the other party was not interested in your explanation or it wasn’t satisfied with it

Usually people would do what they want to do in a conflict situation which could be totally different from the way you would have expected.

Best course of action is to just SHUT UP and move on. Conserve you energy to do something better rather than to try changing the world.

No body likes the whining child. Pessimism doesn’t achieve anything. No one wants to be seen around a person who is always whining and complaining.

The only thing you can do with pessimism is complain about the way things are or  explain why you are in the situation you are in and why you couldn’t do anything about it.

Who wants to live like that?

We blame people and things and circumstances for just about everything. If you think not, go ahead and put the phrase up on your wall and see if you can go one entire day without offering up one single excuse and without making one single complaint of any kind. No blaming, no complaining, no criticizing, no excuses – for one entire day.

I know what you’re probably thinking right about now. You think it will be easy, don’t you? Ha! I thought so too. I now realize that the fulfillment of that simple little pledge will be a lifelong pursuit of mine.

Even if you and I fail to live a single day devoid of any personal complaining or explaining, we can still significantly cut down on the amount of complaints and excuses we make and that is indeed a very good start, isn’t it? When you take on this challenge, you will begin eliminating a lot of negative feelings and destructive actions from your life and consequently will become a much better person to be around.

There is no better time for you to get to work on your very own “never complain, never explain” challenge than right now. All you have to do is stop complaining and quit explaining and get started today.

So  I won’t explain or complain about why our politicians.   I won’t explain or complain about the state of our economy.  I won’t explain or complain about why this or that is wrong or going to hell. I am going to keep looking forward and moving on.

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