Aurangzeb : Rishi Kapoor is he star of the film

aurangzebAtul Sabharwal’s ‘Aurangzeb’ has opened to mostly positive reviews. ‘Aurangzeb’ saw Arjun Kapoor playing a bad guy and his performance is praiseworthy but one man who steals the show in the film is Rishi Kapoor. The veteran can still give the youngsters a run for money when it comes to giving captivating performances. We have compiled a list of 5 reasons that establish Rishi Kapoor as the ultimate man of ‘Aurangzeb’.

There are spoilers ahead, so you’re requested to come back to this article after watching the film.

Are you the suspect: Rishi Kapoor’s character is pivotal in establishing the conflict of the film and he does so in style. When he explains the significance of the title of the film, his voice acquires just the perfect pitch and depth. He convinces Prithviraj to join his plan in the name of restoring the family honour and doesn’t give a hint of what is actually going inside his head.

Confidence and valour: He has played grey characters in the past as well but lately he has started putting in a lot of efforts in making them look motivated. His villainous act in ‘Agneepath’ fetched him a lot of accolades but in ‘Aurangzeb’ he makes his every cruel act appear human and spontaneous. It seems that he has no other choice than crossing someone else’s path. He is not apologetic about his deeds; in fact he never looks reluctant to march forward on a path full of treacheries.

The game planner: Rishi Kapoor puts his devastating ideas to work by hatching a long term plan. He is not in a hurry and anticipates the next move of his opponents. ‘Aurangzeb’ in a way is Rishi Kapoor’s film as his character Ravikant explains the reasons behind every important development in the film. He personifies one of the two contradictory philosophies of the film.

Adjustment:The transition of emotions on his face is very smooth and he gets adjusted to fellow actors quite easily despite the age gap. He treats Amrita Singh and Arjun Kapoor in a similar way. He looks like a corporate leader who knows when and how to pull a particular string.

Man of action: Rishi Kapoor is a good actor but a villain needs to do a significant amount of action as well. He supplements this with the ruthless use of a gun. The scene in which Rishi Kapoor shoots a very important character of the film towards the climax is simply unbelievable for his fans. They have not seen him doing such heinous acts many times in the past. The shock value of his unpredictable mannerism makes him menacing.

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