A visit to Nando’s : DLF Promenade

Marveling at the long queue outside Nando’s @DLF Promenade Vasant Kunj, I flipped through the pages of their menu, which was quite innovative and mouth-watering. Peri peri flame grilled chicken and whatnots.

perperiWe waited there for about ten minutes till we got a table. I ordered their signature dish Peri peri flame grilled chicken. There you can choose your spice level, from Lemon and mint to Mild to Hot and then to Extra hot. I had it hot with extra hot sauce.Restaurants serving amazing mouth burning flavoured and great marinated chicken, are hard to find. But Nando’s didn’t let me down!

Some of my friends did recommend Nando’s , and the moment we reached the mall, my mom saw that sign, and we agreed to have lunch there. Amazingly awesome place. Service was commendable. I wanted to order hot, but dad disallowed me to. We were arguing when the guy said he would bring sauces for the four different flavours as well, so we would be able to make our dish extra hot by adding that sauce. The fragrance of the food was wonderful, and the ambiance was nice, comfortable and spacious. What’s more, we liked the sauces so much that we bought a 250 g bottle, which cost us four hundred bucks!

I was all praises for them when they gave us the feedback form with the bill, though they deserved more than that.

I am eagerly waiting for my next trip to Nando’s. Thumbs up, Nando’s!

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